Wendy’s Opens 400th Restaurant in Canada


BURLINGTON — Wendy’s opened its new restaurant in Ottawa, marking its 400th location in Canada. Owned by Wendy’s franchisee, the Thakker organization, the location features a new design standard for the brand.

“Wendy’s has strong momentum in Canada with nine years of consecutive same-restaurant-sales growth, and the addition of more than 50 new locations across the country in recent years,” says Abigail Pringle, Wendy’s president, International and Chief Development Officer. “We’ve driven this growth by embracing Wendy’s continued points of difference, including sourcing high-quality Canadian ingredients like fresh Canadian beef; continually investing in menu innovation and quality like our new Hot & Crispy fries; Strawberry Frosty; Canadian greenhouse-grown lettuce; improving the sustainability of our packaging; and investing in our delivery and digital business to reach more customers, more often.”

Wendy’s is also investing in its mobile app and delivery business through a development commitment with REEF to open and operate 700 delivery kitchens across Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. over the next five years.

“Looking ahead, and with commitments from current franchisees and through the recruitment of future franchise partners, we’ve laid out an ambitious plan to significantly accelerate growth,” says Pringle. “Expanding our presence also allows us to create more career opportunities as we bring more high-quality, freshly-prepared food to customers across Canada.”

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