Western University to Use Paper Straws in September


LONDON, Ont. — Western University has announced that its foodservice vendors will stop using plastic straws in favour of biodegradable paper straws. While food vendors operated by Western University will adopt the new policy in September, the paper straws won’t be available at on-campus licensed franchise vendors, such as Tim Hortons and Booster Juice, according to CBC News.

Three different sizes will be available on-campus: a regular-sized drink straw; a wider option for smoothie-based beverages; and a large paper straw for drinks such as bubble tea. The straws are expected to stay useable if they sit in a drink for up to 18 hours.

The move coincides with other major restaurant chains and schools that have decided to ditch plastic straws for environmental reasons.

Guelph University announced a similar move last month, opting to no longer offer single-use plastic products, including bags and straws, at most of its restaurants and shops.

Last week, Starbucks also announced plans to stop providing plastic straws by 2020 — offering strawless lids instead. Recipe Unlimited (formerly Cara Operations) has also announced plans to eliminate plastic straws across its entire 19-brand network of restaurants.

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