White Spot Now Offering 3D Augmented Reality Program for Kids


VANCOUVER — White Spot has announced a new kids’ program launching Feb. 13, which features 3D augmented reality technology for an interactive Pirate Pak adventure. The new program includes a new cast of animated characters and revised treasure maps, in addition to the new W.S. Legendary pirate ship.

The Pirate Pak — featuring such characters as the brave captain Beak Rogers and quick-witted buccaneer Penny Poulet under the title of the Cluckeneers — utilizes the free W.S. Kids app on iOS and Android devices to offer kids games, music, stories and interactive videos.

“Since 1928, we have been committed to providing a family-friendly dining experience that’s unmatched by any other restaurant,” says Warren Erhart, president of White Spot. “The Pirate Pak is a central part of that dining experience for kids, so we’re excited to sail our iconic ship into the digital age.”

White Spot’s new Pirate Pak utilizes 3D augmented reality to bring its treasure maps and character videos to life, requiring no internet access after the app has been downloaded. A printable version of the interactive map is available for download, here.

White Spot first introduced Pirate Paks in 1968 when its founder Nat Bailey decided to create a dining experience tailored for kids. Since then, the restaurant chain has sold more than 25 million Pirate Paks. Its latest W.S. Legendary ship has also experienced tremendous success since its introduction.

“Our guests have always had a special place in their hearts for Pirate Paks,” says Cathy Tostenson, White Spot’s VP of Marketing and Menu Development. “In creating this program, we wanted to stay true to our brand while providing kids with new entertainment that’s both fun and engaging for the whole family, just like our founder Nat Bailey would have wanted. The Cluckaneers represents the harmonization of food and technology, and showcases our ability to stay current.”

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