Wholesale Club has a sustainable mandate for packaging


Wholesale Club has a sustainable mandate for packaging

The demand for sustainable packaging in all aspects of foodservice continues to grow. For several years, sustainable packaging has become the preference of an increasingly informed consumer base.

At the same time, the pandemic has led to a significant rise in demand for takeout and grab-and-go offerings. After provincial restrictions came into place, business owners promptly switched to takeout and customers were happy to support their favourite restaurant.

As a result, sales in the disposable-container category have gone up significantly because of the rise in takeout orders, says Maliha Mann, category director, General Merchandise for Wholesale Club. “With that came a greater demand for sustainable alternatives to single use plastic packaging. Depending on the area, we have seen significant increased demand as customers become more educated and aligned with government goals . We’re making sure we’re ahead of that trend and meeting our customers.”

Wholesale Club is committed to helping the environment by offering eco-friendly packaging alternatives so that restaurants can continue to offer takeout while making a difference, she adds. “Our goal is to be the leaders in offering foodservice customers recyclable and re-usable solutions.”

Value is also important to operators, says Mann. “Traditionally, there has been a premium associated with ecofriendly; however, we’re working closely with our vendors to ensure that we can provide the newest, most innovative products at the best possible value.”

As products improve, Wholesale Club will be adding more recyclable items that support the governments, and the organization’s, goals, says Mann. “Even after the pandemic and takeout volumes scale back, the demand for recyclable and re-usable packaging will continue as the global economy moves to sustainable packaging.”

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