Wilbur Curtis Releases GemX Brewing Systems


MONTEBELLO, Calif. — Wilbur Curtis Company has released the new GemX IntelliFresh Coffee Brewing System with FreshTrac.

The GemX brewer combines “brains” and design to power a superior coffee program; helping C-stores, hotels, restaurants, roasters and specialty-coffee houses maximize coffee freshness, reduce labor and deliver a better customer experience.

The system comes fully loaded with cutting-edge technologies proven to make gourmet-coffee brewing easy for all skill levels. To prevent under- or overheating the coffee, Curtis’ exclusive IntelliFresh technology delivers digitally controlled pulses of heat, and features encapsulated ‘brains’ inside each satellite, with four sensor points to monitor brew level and status.

Curtis’ FreshTrac technology replaces audible alarms and mechanical timers with a simple, intuitive and customizable system of three LEDs that glow and flash — letting operators track coffee freshness from across the room. GemX satellites on remote stands also carry the same freshness ‘intelligence’ as when on the brewer.

The G3 GemX features a universal control module and easy-to-read, true-green LED display, while the G4 GemX offers a large icon-driven interface, onscreen instructions for intuitive training and real-time feedback on the brewing process, and a USB port that lets operators easily transfer recipes from store to store.

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