Williams Fresh Cafe Unveils Updated Menu, Design at Stoney Creek, Ont. Location


STONEY CREEK, Ont. — Williams Fresh Cafe unveiled a recently updated menu and design at the opening of a new café in Stoney Creek, Ont.

“The Stoney Creek opening is a real milestone for us,” says Harold Druxerman, VP of Finance at Druxy’s Inc. “Not only is it our first new opening since taking over the brand, but it will be our first café built from scratch that features our new kitchen layout, the latest in equipment and technology, as well as our updated interior design. Guests will appreciate our free, easy-to-access Wi-Fi and numerous power and USB ports throughout the café.”

Bruce Druxerman, president of Druxy’s, notes the purchase of the Williams Fresh Cafe-brand in 2016 was made with plans to not only improve the menu, but enhance processes to improve service at all of its locations. Featuring a menu that includes all-day breakfast and beverage program, the new café is one of three new locations set to open this year.

“The café and new menu were built with a four-seasons approach, which our customers truly appreciate,” says Peter Druxerman, VP of Marketing, Druxy’s Inc. “In the colder seasons, the comfortable booth seating is matched with a beverage program of ‘Winter Warmers,’ such as Smoked-Salt Caramel Lattes and hot apple cider. In the warmer months, we serve ‘Summer Refreshers’ such as the Iced Vanilla-Chai Latte and Shirley Temple Handcrafted Soda. Our new Signature Rice Bowls allow customers to custom-make their own cold or hot meals, so it’s a fantastic menu addition for all seasons.”

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