Winnipeg Eateries Shut Down By Public Health


WINNIPEG — Public health inspectors in Manitoba are cracking down on foodservice establishments failing to meet sanitary requirements, resulting in a string of closures.

Last April, the province assumed responsibility for public-health inspections and Manitoba’s Auditor General promised more frequent restaurant inspections in the suburbs and the same level of inspections in urban areas.

In the province’s Health Protection Report, updated Jan. 1, which lists closures for unsanitary operating conditions, numerous foodservice establishments were cited for violations, including rodent infestations, mechanical failures and poor sanitation.

One of the employees of the Marigold Restaurant in Winnipeg, which was closed due to a “mouse infestation, leaking roof and filthy surfaces throughout,” told The Winnipeg Free Press she thought the inspectors were being “overly harsh” in comment about the rodent problems; the restaurant has been closed for a month to address the issues and upgrade its kitchen.

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