Winnipeg’s Round Table Steakhouse and Pub Shuts Its Doors


WINNIPEG — A 42-year Manitoba fixture will temporarily shut its doors on May 14 to undergo a major overhaul. Winnipeg’s Round Table Steakhouse and Pub’s owner Kristjan Kristjansson hopes the public won’t worry too much as a new restaurant will open under his leadership later this summer.

Kristjansson isn’t divulging much information about the new concept, but did say it will be exciting. “We think it’s an absolutely thrilling concept and it’s going to do extremely well,” Kristjansson told the Winnipeg Free Press.

The complete rebranding is the result of several accumulating factors such as the millennial influence, customer wants and new liquor laws in Manitoba.
“It’s time for the big steak dinner to not be the focus,” he says. “Culturally, things have changed and it’s an amazing time. (Millennials) eat out more frequently and they dine differently. They don’t actually dine; they eat, they communicate, they’ve got 12 conversations going on with their phone, it’s a different time.”
The new restaurant will feature live music, craft products and a focus on smaller plates.

Kristjansson is auctioning off The Round Table’s memorabilia and furniture, including five fireplaces, via a silent auction. A live auction for the remaining items will be held May 15.

The new restaurant is expected to open in September.

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