World Cheese Awards Announces Entry Deadline


GILLINGHAM, U.K. — The World Cheese Awards will open for entry on September 5. The Guild of Fine Food, the event’s organizer, expects a record-breaking 3,500 cheeses to be judged at this year’s competition in Bergen, Norway on November 2.

The World Cheese Awards is the world’s largest cheese-only competition and, this year, will form part of a brand new festival, Matnasjonen Norge. The awards will bring together more than 230 buyers, retailers, writers and makers from across the globe, to judge all entries in a single day and ultimately crown this year’s World Champion Cheese.

“With 30 years now under our belt, we’re very excited to be visiting Norway for the first time, in partnership with HANEN, to stage the largest cheese-only event that the world has ever seen,” says John Farrand, managing director of the Guild of Fine Food. “This global celebration of cheese leaves a lasting legacy each and every year, for its hosts as well as its winners, and we feel incredibly proud to be taking a headline slot at Matnasjonen Norge, as the country salutes its farmers, producers, chefs and retailers.”

The competition will be open for entry from September 5 to 28, unless the entry cap is reached before this date. Further information is available at

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