World Chefs Without Borders Feeds 14,500 on Myanmar Tour


YANGON, Myanmar — World Chefs Without Borders’ (WCWB) Myanmar Tour for Humanity recently took place in Yancon, marking the organization’s first Chefs Social Responsibility global event.

For the event, 60 chefs from 22 National Member Societies of the World Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS) travelled to Yangon at their own expense to raise funds alongside the Myanmar Chefs Association and cook for hunger relief.

“Chefs may not be able to change lives, but with our Chefs Social Responsibility initiative, we can make a difference, says Willment Leong, WCWB chairman. “Convert your ego to sharing and it will make you not only a great chef, but also a great person.”

The tour’s first community event took place at the Shwedagon Pagoda — the most sacred Buddhist pagoda in Myanmar — where the Chefs prepared and distributed 4,500 meals to the local community.

The tour also saw participating chefs distribute school supplies, dry-food relief packs and meals. The group also released 50,000 young milk fish in the Ayeyarwady River Delta near Ka yin Kyaung village to help replenish the food supply for the years ahead.

“The Myanmar people in Yangon, the Delta and throughout the Nation, are proud and thankful for the efforts and support of World Chefs Without Borders, in particular the 60 Chefs from 22 countries that came together and initiated such a once-in-a-lifetime event in Yangon and Nargis Delta,” says Oliver E. Soe Thet, president, Myanmar Chef Association.

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