Yihe Corp. and High Liner Celebrate Seafood Excellence


BOSTON — Yihe Corporation and High Liner Foods were applauded for their innovation during the Seafood Expo North America, where both companies emerged the winners of the 2015 Seafood Excellence Awards, held March 15.

Yihe Corporation, based in Pasadena, Calif., nabbed the Best New Retail award for its Alaskan Jack’s salmon brand, and Concord, Ont.-based High Liner Foods won Best New Foodservice award for its Pulled BBQ Salmon. “With consumers continuing to crave barbecue, Pulled BBQ Salmon provides operators with the opportunity to serve quality, on-trend seafood in a healthier and familiar barbecue dish for an innovative addition to any operator’s lineup,” said Jim Papadakis, brand manager for High Liner Foods.

Winners were selected from companies participating in the show’s new product showcase, which comprised seafood products, condiments and culinary dishes. Seafood Expo North America attracts 20,000 buyers and sellers to the three-day expo each year.

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