Yoplait, Liberté, Fraternité


MONTREAL — The France-based Yoplait Group acquired Liberté last week, but that doesn’t mean the Canadian yogurt company will be overhauled.

“Founded in Quebec in 1936, Liberté has always been able to meet its customers’s changing needs. Today, we hold a strategic position in the Canadian market, and I would like to reiterate to our loyal customers that Liberté fully intends to continue to hold a special place in their daily lives,” said Martin Valiquette, director general of Liberté.

Yoplait is sold and manufactured in Europe and licensed around the world, but the new form of Liberté will not be partnered with Yoplait brand products in Canada. In fact, Liberté headquarters will remain in Saint-Hubert, Quebec.

“Liberté will continue to produce and develop the same great products that are so well appreciated by customers. That is our most sincere commitment. We are here to stay and continue to play a part in the healthy lifestyles of our clients,” Valiquette added.


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