Yorkshire Valley Farms Named Chicken Supplier for Union Chicken


TORONTO — Yorkshire Valley Farms has been selected by Union Chicken to supply its organic chicken and eggs.

“It’s a unique opportunity for us. A partner like Union Chicken, with their culinary pedigree and commitment to building a menu around organic chicken, really allows us to showcase our high quality, Ontario-raised poultry,” says James Sculthorpe, president of Yorkshire Valley Farms.

Union Chicken is now open at Sherway Gardens in Toronto and operates under the mantra of “organically raised free-range chickens for free range humans.” A second location is set to open in Toronto’s Union Station soon.

“That tender, juicy flavour of a rotisserie chicken…nothing beats that,” says Michael Angeloni, chef, Union Chicken. “The difference between an organic free-range chicken from Yorkshire Valley Farms and a standard chicken is night and day. When I tried the Yorkshire Valley Farms organic chicken I knew it was what we needed for our restaurant.”

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