Yum, McDonald’s Ordered to Share Supplier Info


SHANGHAI — Select restaurants in China are being forced to become more transparent about their supplier relationships after a recent food-safety scare. All involved restaurants have been ordered to post supplier information on their Chinese websites.

To help boost consumer confidence in Shanghai’s fast-food concepts, the city’s Municipal Food and Drug Administration has ordered Yum Brands, McDonald’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr., Papa John’s and others list suppliers on their websites as well as ingredients used in the products and results of food production checks.

Late last month, McDonald’s and Yum restaurants, among others, were ordered to seal thousands of boxes of suspicious meat after their Husi Food Co. Ltd. supplier was allegedly found supplying expired meat. Now, after redirecting its supply to another Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd. factory, and dealing with menu item shortages, McDonald’s is restoring its full menu in some cities in China.

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