Yum, McDonald’s Partner Reportedly Supplies Expired Meat in China


SHANGHAI, China — The Oak Brook, Ill.-based McDonald’s Corp. and Louisville, Ky.-based Yum Brands are in hot water. This comes after Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd., a unit of Aurora, Ill.-based OSI Group LLC, who supplies food to the chains, reportedly provided expired meat to restaurants in Shanghai, China.

McDonald’s and Yum were ordered to seal thousands of boxes of suspicious meat after a report on China’s Dragon TV showed factory workers inside Husi Food Co. Ltd. picking scraps of meat off the floor and mixing expired meat with fresh meat. “If proven, the practices outlined in the reports are completely unacceptable to McDonald’s anywhere in the world,” a China-based spokeswoman for McDonald’s told Reuters.

China’s food-inspection agency has ordered its regional offices to conduct spot checks on all firms that had used Shanghai Husi products, with the case possibly being handed over to the police. In the meantime, both companies are sourcing product elsewhere.


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