Zuma Hot Chocolate and Sweetbird Sauces


Chocolate is a powerful substance, celebrated throughout the ages as a bringer of vitality and vigour; considered by some as more valuable than gold and even human life. Since it was first cultivated by the Maya civilisation of South America more than 2600 years ago, chocolate has become a popular indulgence. With the winter season creeping up on us once again, rich and indulgent chocolate drinks will help beat those winter blues. Stock up on Beyond the Bean’s range of high cocoa chocolate powders and sauces and you’ll be able to construct the finest hot chocolate drinks around.

 “It’s all about the cocoa content when choosing your chocolate powder” commented Paul Maxwell from Beyond the Bean. ”It is best to avoid hot chocolate powders that have dried milk added to them, unless you intend to make your hot chocolate by only adding boiling water. If you are going to be making your chocolate drinks with steamed milk, extra milk powder will flatten the subtle aromas of the chocolate and give you a dulled chocolate experience.”

The three hot chocolate products in the Zuma range are the Original hot chocolate (cocoa content 26%) which gives a smooth, sweet and creamy taste, while the Dark hot chocolate (cocoa content 32%, using dark roast cocoa beans) gives a richer and more continental taste. The Zuma Fairtrade hot chocolate is fairly unique in the market as it only contains two ingredients, both 100% Fairtrade, rich dark roast cocoa beans from San Domingo and sugar from Paraguay. This option gives you the rich dark chocolate taste with an ethical guarantee. All three Zuma Hot Chocolates have been approved by the Vegetarian Society and for vegan diets by Viva!

“We are always being asked how to make the perfect hot chocolate” explained Paul. ”The method favoured by the staff here at Beyond the Bean uses one scoop (28g) of your preferred Zuma hot chocolate in a 12oz mug mixed with a little boiling water to form a paste, then top up with either steamed dairy or soya milk to produce a warm, rich and deeply satisfying hot chocolate.”

Alternatively, you can use Sweetbird’s Chocolate sauces to make equally fantastic hot chocolates and mochas which are available as either Single Origin Dark Chocolate or White Chocolate sauces. They’re easily dispensed with a portion control pump system, or you can transfer them into drizzle bottles for adding those special finishing touches to drinks. For customers who want the ultimate chocolate experience you can even combine Sweetbird Chocolate sauce with cream in a pump to create a chocolate whipped cream topping. And if you want to go all out, don’t forget the mini marshmallows!

Finally, a great way to really stand out this winter is to create a Flavoured Hot Chocolate menu. Sweetbird Cherry Syrup gives a wonderful taste experience that has gained a loyal following, or you could try Sweetbird’s Toasted Marshmallow, Cinnamon or Mint.

For more information about the full range of Zuma drinks products, Sweetbird sauces and syrups and Mini Marshmallows, please call your local distributor or contact Beyond the Bean North America, 866 575 6901 [email protected].

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