Baskin-Robbins Canada Launches Salted Almond Honeycomb Ice Cream


TORONTO — Baskin-Robbins Canada rang in the new year with a new ice cream combining sweet and salty flavours. Salted Almond Honeycomb is the brand’s newest Flavour of the Month, available at all Baskin-Robbins locations across Canada.

The new flavour features decadent, salted honey-flavoured ice cream with crunchy honeycomb pieces and an almond-butter ribbon and can be featured as a classic scoop and waffle-bowl sundae.

“We wanted to start off the new year with a dream-like combination, something that shows the world anything is possible,” says, Baskin-Robbins representative. “Salted Almond Honeycomb offers the best of both worlds so you don’t have to ‘bee’ choosy. The holiday season may be over but spoiling oneself with little touches and treats is important throughout the year.”

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