As of 2019, Kostuch Media Ltd. is the proud producer of the Top-30-Under-30 program. The recognition program was established in 2006 by the Ontario Hostelry Institute to recognize young professionals in Ontario who have made an outstanding contribution early in their professional careers. The Top-30-under-30 winners (see list below) represent a cross-section of the industry including restaurants, hotels, entrepreneurs, tourism-related businesses and suppliers. The idea for the program was developed by Bruce McAdams, professor at the University of Guelph, and launched in 2006 by the Ontario Hostelry Institute, under the guidance of J. Charles Grieco to recognize the hospitality industry’s top young performers. Grieco sadly passed away in 2019, at which time, KML assumed control of the recognition program and expanded its reach nationally.

J. Charles Grieco
Bruce McAdams

The Awards reflect KML’s mandate to provide educational support and programs for future generations to succeed. They promote self-esteem and pride for young professionals and provide exemplary role models for young professionals forging careers in the foodservice and hospitality industry.

Do you know an outstanding individual who should be considered for a Top-30-Under-30 award?

If so, be sure to take the time to nominate them for this prestigious award that recognizes initiative, leadership and excellence. By taking the time to do so, you are helping us to highlight and promote excellence in the foodservice and hospitality industry. The nominations for the 2024 Top-30-Under-30 winners are open, please click the button below to enter a candidate.

TOP-30-UNDER-30 WINNERS Articles

Meet the 2023 Top-30-Under-30 Winners

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