Beard Suits Posteraro Just Fine


VANCOUVER – For any chef worth his or her weight in saffron, an invitation to prepare a full-course meal for the members of the James Beard Foundation in New York City is a career-defining, monumental, “I have arrived!” moment. It also grants a lifetime membership into an exclusive club — joining the thousands of talented chefs from around the world who have travelled to New York to recreate their own unique style of cuisine inside the James Beard House.

Vancouver’s renowned Italian food gastronomist Pino Posetaro recently made the journey to the Greenwich Village brownstone, along with a team of 17 and a feast’s worth of local B.C. product (including spot prawns, sablefish, albacore tuna, lamb racks and more than 300 handmade, beef-cheeks-stuffed ravioli, to be paired with fine Italian wines). Posteraro originally cancelled on an invite from Mitchell Davis — a Canadian food writer living in New York who’s also vice-president of the James Beard Foundation — in 2007 after his cookbook, Cioppino’s Mediterranean Cuisine, was published and he ran into some sponsoring problems. This time around, he was intent to make a splash.

Vancouver Magazine’s Chris Gonzalez went along for the ride, and captures every lip-smacking moment. Click here for the full story.


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