Best Bar None Scheme Launches in Ontario


TORONTO — The Best Bar None (BBN) pilot program has been launched by the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Hotel Association (ORHMA) to promote responsible management and operations of alcohol-licensed businesses. 

Originally conceived in Manchester, England, several years ago, the national award scheme, aims to ensure high standards amongst proprietors, in turn offering guests a positive experience. The program has been proven to reduce alcohol-related crime and disorder by building a positive relationship between the licensee, police and local authorities.

“Best Bar None supports the licensee, ensuring they keep the standards they have or elevate them,” said Tony Elenis, ORHMA, CEO. “Those standards are made up of 60 questions … everything from serving minors, to capacity, to correct record-keeping and communication within the workplace.”

Under the pilot program, encompassing Toronto’s entertainment district, licensed premises will be evaluated by trained, impartial assessors. Licensee rewards will be earned through adherence to the program.

The program has improved the nighttime economy in other cities. Additionally, Elenis believes a knock-on effect will also be felt by restaurant and hotel owners. He says benefits includes, “safer work environments for staff, a more positive image for the business and an increase in consumers stemming from our marketing campaign promoting the program.”

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