Big Rock Brewery Inc. Appoints New CEO


CALGARY — Big Rock Brewery Inc.’s current CEO Robert Sartor will be resigning from his post, effective Dec. 30, 2016. The company’s board of directors has elected its current CFO, Barbara Feit, as interim CEO following Sartor’s departure.

“Much of the change agenda I had set for Big Rock has been achieved and I am proud of that,” says Sartor. “We have a leadership team that is up to the task of continuing to grow our company. The beer landscape has changed dramatically in the past five years; it is a far more crowded and competitive marketplace than any of us could have imagined. Our resilience in the face of this has been remarkable. Rest assured that my fridge will forevermore be stocked with Big Rock beer.”

Feit’s prior experience includes five years as Big Rock’s CFO as well as financial roles at TransAlta, Direct Energy, Artumas, BG Group and Moneta Energy Services.

“The Board supports Barbara Feit completely and has every confidence that she will lead Big Rock through this challenging landscape,” says John Hartley, chairman of the board, Big Rock Brewery Inc. “We are confident in the course that Bob and Barb have charted. We thank Bob for his leadership and insight through the years.”

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