Celebrity Chef Carla Hall Asks for Help Funding Restaurant Dream


American celebrity chef Carla Hall is planning to open a Southern-style restaurant in New York City with help from some of her fans.

The current host of The Chew, and former Top Chef contestant, has started her own kickstarter campaign. The goal is to raise $250,000 by Oct. 29 to fund the building of a kitchen in her new restaurant. “Kickstarter is a great marketing tool, but I also needed the confirmation that this is something I’m in with other people, that they really want the restaurant. I want them to vote with their dollars,” Hall said in an interview with People magazine.

The restaurant’s menu will feature the chef’s signature Nashville Hot Chicken ($2.55 per piece) as well as other Southern-inspired side dishes (ranging from $3.75 to $12 based on size) such as mac and cheese, potato salad, deviled eggs and picnic coleslaw.

So far, Hall has raised more than $18,000. Donor incentives are also being offered: for $1 you can receive a recipe download, or for a $10,000 you can spend the day cooking with Hall in her kitchen.

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