Cora Unveils Its Newest Restaurant in Winnipeg

(stock image)

SAINTE-THÉRÈSE, Que. — Cora Breakfast and Lunch will open a new Cora restaurant in Winnipeg on March 11.

The official grand opening will take place on March 13 when founder Cora Tsouflidou and local owner-franchisees will welcome dignitaries and guests for the “Egg-Cracking Ceremony,” during which the first symbolic omelette in the restaurant will be made.  

The new location is part of a nationwide expansion of the Cora network, making it the third restaurant in Manitoba for the sit-down breakfast chain.

Cora Breakfast and Lunch also announced the reopening of another Winnipeg franchise. The restaurant, located at 840 Waverley St., reopened its doors on February 25 following a fire in 2018.

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