Domino’s Launches Specially Designed Pizza Delivery Vehicle


ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Domino’s is changing pizza delivery with the launch of its specially designed pizza delivery vehicle called DXP (Delivery Expert).

“The Domino’s DXP is the first purpose-built vehicle aimed at revolutionizing pizza delivery,” said Russell Weiner, president, Domino’s USA. “This innovation allows drivers to do their jobs with greater ease and efficiency and demonstrates that Domino’s is absolutely fanatical about making perfect deliveries.”

The DXP vehicle, which is a Chevrolet Spark base-model, features an illuminated warming oven located behind the driver’s door and storage areas for loading and unloading of pizzas that is quickly accessible to drivers with the touch of a key fob. The oven can hold up to 80 pizzas and other menu items, making it ideal for large business or school orders. It also features a puddle light projecting the Domino’s logo on the ground and OnStar navigation system, providing drivers with turn-by-turn directions.
Domino’s is aiming to deliver 100 DXP vehicles to 25 markets across the U.S., including Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, San Diego and Seattle during the next 90 days.

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