Egg Farmers of Canada Partners with Denny’s


OTTAWA — Egg Farmers of Canada has announced a new partnership with Denny’s Restaurants Canada. The partnership includes Denny’s featuring the Egg Quality Assurance (EQA) certification mark on its menus across the country. 

“We know Canadians want to know where their food comes from and we are proud to partner with Denny’s Restaurants to strengthen the connection between our farms and their restaurants,” says Roger Pelissero, Chair of Egg Farmers of Canada.

All EQA-certified eggs have met the highest standards of Egg Farmers of Canada’s national Start Clean-Stay Clean and Animal Care Programs.

“We are proud to work with our suppliers and organizations like Egg Farmers of Canada, who uphold leading food safety and animal welfare standards,” says Deborah Gagnon, president and COO of Dencan restaurants. “This partnership is another example of Denny’s ongoing commitment to serve high-quality, sustainably sourced food to our guests.”

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