Fight Against Shark Fin Continues in Saskatoon


SASKATOON — The battle to ban the sale of shark fins continues across the country with a group of high-school students in Saskatoon petitioning the government to stop the consumption and possession of the product that’s procured through shark finning.

“We demand that the City of Saskatoon take a stand in support of wildlife conservation and animal welfare by banning the sale, consumption and possession of shark fins within Saskatoon city limits,” reads the petition as quoted by The Regina Leader-Post.

The controversial fight against banning shark fin has divided Toronto, where the city recently overturned its ban on the sale of shark fins. However, a similar ban was enacted in parts of B.C. where some hotel chains and restaurants have voluntarily taken the dish off their menus.

The federal government is preparing to vote on Bill C-380, a private member’s bill that would ban the importation of shark fins.

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