Harley-Davidson Opens Seasonal Cafe in Toronto


TORONTO — Harley-Davidson Canada has opened 1903 A Harley-Davidson Café, on Ossington Ave. in downtown Toronto.

Anoop Prakash, managing director, Harley Davidson Canada, says this café is a throwback to the 1960s, when lightweight bikes called ‘café racers’ were a popular sight on the streets. “Coffee and motorcycles go hand in hand. These were stripped-down, raw city bikes that allowed people to go from café to café and enjoy the city riding experience.”

The location will offer the usual fare, including cappuccinos, cold-brew coffee and scones. But, it will also radiate with a unique Harley-Davidson ambiance, complete with leather couches and a display model motorcycle which customers will be able to sit on.

Prakash hopes the cafe will make the Harley-Davidson brand appealing to millennials and expand its customer base to an entirely new generation. This move is in alignment with Harley-Davidson’s new bike models starting at $8,000, as opposed to the traditional $12,000 starting price.

The café — open during riding season, from late June until September — will feature motorcycle workshops and events, including motorcycle mechanical tutorials.

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