Nominate Canada’s Best Restroom


CINCINNATI — Restaurants have long been tainted with the stigma of having filthy, bacteria-laced restrooms, but uniform and supply company Cintas is determined to show that some Canadian businesses are still impeccably clean.

Cintas Canada Ltd. has launched its first annual “Canada’s Best Restroom Award,” and submissions are being accepted until May 10 at The new award is an extension of the successful “America’s Best Restroom” program. The contest is applicable to any non-residential restroom that’s free to use and open to employees, visitors or the general public.

“There is no question that restroom hygiene plays a big role in determining customer satisfaction and repeat business,” said Cintas Canada marketing manager Leslie Molin, in a press release. “When we learned how successful our American colleagues were in sharing this message and how much fun the public was having nominating and voting on these extravagant restrooms, we knew it was time to show off our own great facilities here in Canada.”

When the finalists (up to 10) are announced in July, Internet users may vote on their favourite restrooms. The winner will be announced in September.


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