Ramsay Sues Laurier 1936 for $2.7M


MONTREAL — Laurier 1936, formerly Laurier Gordon Ramsay, has reportedly been hit with a $2.7-million lawsuit from celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay, whose contract with the popular eatery was dissolved this winter.

Last year, the celebrity chef signed on to rejuvenate the popular Montreal barbecue eatery and add Ramsay-inspired dishes to its menu. However, the owner complained Ramsay didn’t understand the vision of the restaurant and was too busy to return to the restaurant.

The lawsuit, filed against the restaurant’s owner Danny Lavy, and the restaurant itself, is purported to list reputational damage, unpaid services, unrealized licensing fees and moral and punitive damage for false and defamatory remarks made by the owner upon removing Ramsay’s name from the restaurant. “I actually like Gordon and have nothing against him,” Lavy told The Montreal Gazette, adding he thought Ramsay’s agent might be behind the action.

The 23-page legal document, filed in Quebec Superior Court on Wednesday, also revealed Lavy is suing Gordon Ramsay for “30 or 40 times” as much as Ramsay’s lawsuit, reports The Montreal Gazette.

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