Restaurant Buzz: Grannyssima


With a modest $10,000, designer Taîs Berrebi, of Taîs Berrebi Architecture, Interiors and Design in Paris, France, used an eclectic mix of furnishings and a long whimsically carved communal table covered in acid-washed copper to set the scene at the 14-seat Grannyssima ― the second iteration of chef and proprietor Julien Aboucaya’s concept, which was imported to Montreal from Provence, France. A play on the words grandmother and Granny Smith apples, which Aboucaya uses in his food for their acidity, the menu features French-style cuisine that’s heavily influenced by the Provence region. Olive oil, black garlic, fresh cress and fish highlight the modern-French offerings, which give vegetables star billing. Diners seeking bold flavours will enjoy the signature pan-fried foie gras served on maple-syrup-glazed peaches (part of the prix-fixe menu, $39). Those who prefer more familiar tastes will enjoy the meat bread (veal, beef, pork and herbs) served with figs, parsley purée and radishes ($14 for lunch and brunch) or the beef bourguignon with mini carrots and Japanese turnips ($18).

12 Maguire St.

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