TABASCO®: Surviving the Times


Simplifying, streamlining and finding creative ways to overcome challenges has been a staple of successful foodservice operation through the pandemic.

As Ryan Marquis, TABASCO® Foodservice Canada corporate chef and president of the Canadian Culinary Federation, points out, simplifying menus was a key strategy employed by restaurants to help weather the challenges and restrictions experienced during the height of the pandemic.

“When the industry was decimated [by the pandemic], everybody grabbed their menu and cut it by a quarter or more,” says Marquis. This, he explains, was done to help accommodate reduced staff, increase ease of execution and, in many cases, in reaction to supply- and inventory-related challenges.

And, with steep labour shortages remaining a key obstacle on the path forward, simplifying back-of-house procedures has become increasingly important to operational success.
Choosing the right products can help in this effort, Marquis shares. For example, TABASCO®’s quarter-gallon bottles can help alleviate a number of common foodservice pain points. The 964-mL bottles come complete with pumps in packs of four and are available in four flavours: Green JalapeñoChipotleSriracha and Original Red Sauce.

And, as Marquis explains, this format provides “cost savings, ease of menu creation and ease of execution for your staff.”

The pumps also reduce contact points and increases consistency through built-in portioning. “In this staff shortage, having something that is consistently measured is beneficial,” Marquis shares, noting that this cuts down on the skill and time required to execute recipes.

To illustrate, he uses the example of creating a chipotle mayo using one cup of mayonnaise and three pumps of TABASCO® Chipotle Pepper Sauce — eliminating the need to measure out the chipotle sauce.

Beyond the ease-of-use benefits, these TABASCO® sauces also deliver on versatility — another key element of efficient operations. From boosting the flavour of dishes, to creating distinctive condiments and signature sauces. This is especially valuable given that sauces and condiments are a highly economical way of elevating dishes. And, with offerings and inventory reduced, operators need to find creative ways to differentiate themselves from the competition — be it the competition down the street or on the delivery apps.

“What makes you different than the other guy? Honestly, the big thing is going to be flavour and quality,” Marquis shares. And, he adds, TABASCO®’s sauces can easily be leveraged to help operators deliver on both fronts.

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