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Blue Coconut-Lemon Smoothie Bowl

Ingredients Smoothie 1/2 avocadoa handful of spinach1/2 cup whole pineapple, shelled out1/4 cup unsweetened coconut cream 3 tbsp coconut yogurt1/2...

Starbucks Canada Launches Program to Feed Homeless, Combat Food Waste

TORONTO — Starbucks Canada has launched a national program in an effort to provide meals to people in need, while also tackling the issue...

Tim Hortons Introduces Gluten-Free Macaroon

TORONTO — Tim Hortons has added a new certified gluten-free Coconut Macaroon to its menu. "We'sve made a commitment to our guests to provide balanced...

Jamba Juice Targets GTA for Expansion

TORONTO — Jamba Juice is expanding in Ontario and launching a new beverage line on its menu of more than 30 made-to-order smoothies. “For...