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The Pandemic has Accelerated Change in the Contract-catering Segment

As in all areas of the foodservice-and-hospitality industry, the pandemic brought swift and dramatic change to every area of the contract-catering business. Overnight, businesses,...

McDonald’s Canada Launches Virtual Hiring Event with Snapchat

TORONTO — McDonald’s Canada is launching “Snapplications” — a one-day virtual-hiring event that will allow millions of job seekers to instantly apply for a job at...

Understanding the Buying Power of Canada’s Millennial Generation

Canada’s population pyramid is turning on its head — and restaurant operators who aren’t reacting with a reflectively gymnastic posture will lose out. As...

Building the Buzz Around Social Media

More than 350,000 Facebook fans? Check. Eighteen thousand Twitter followers? Check. Nearly 5,000 Instagram devotees? Check. Now, what’s a foodservice company to talk about? Over...