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Vancouver Celebrates Inaugural Hot Chocolate Festival

VANCOUVER — An oft-overlooked seasonal treat is getting its due during Vancouver’s first Hot Chocolate Festival.So far, top chocolatiers and pastry chefs have served...

Island Beekeepers Wish Imports Would Buzz Off

VANCOUVER ISLAND, B.C. — After a remarkably tough year, the beekeeping industry on Vancouver Island has another hurdle to overcome — the forthcoming introduction...

More Street Meat in Vancouver

VANCOUVER — After a slow start-up, a handful of new food-cart vendors are set to bring their culturally diverse culinary fare to market in...

Summer School

VANCOUVER — For many students, the foodservice industry is the first stop as classrooms empty every summer and the number of candidates looking for...

Vancouver’s Sweet Star

VANCOUVER — The athletes may be the star attraction at the 2010 Olympic Games, but Vancouver’s Kreation Artisan Cake is also receiving top scores.According...

Fatabase Unveils VanCity’s Fattiest Fare

VANCOUVER — Just in time for the new year — and all the weight-loss resolutions — The Vancouver Sun has created a ‘Fatabase’ with...