Tim Hortons Accepts First Mobile Payment


OAKVILLE, Ont. — Simon Whitfield, a Canadian Olympic Triathlete, made history at Tim Hortons last week by becoming the first Canuck to make a mobile credit-card payment.

“Tim Hortons invested in new payment terminals for nearly all of our Canadian restaurants to allow contactless and mobile payments,” said David Clanachan, COO, Tim Hortons.

“Canadians will increasingly embrace the opportunity to make mobile payments, and we are excited to be at the forefront of this technology with this milestone transaction today.”

Starting Nov. 16, Canadians will be able to use the CIBC Mobile Payment App on select Rogers smartphones to make purchases that will be applied directly to a CIBC Visa or CIBC MasterCard by flashing the phone at contactless PIN-pad pay terminals.

Approximately 2,300 Tim Hortons restaurants already have the new technology, and more than 3,000 restaurants are expected to participate by December.

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