Tokyo Asks B.C. Company for Water


VANCOUVER — Now that radioactive contaminants have been found in Japan’s food and water supply, the earthquake- and tsunami-shaken country has asked a B.C. water company to send bottled water, CBC News reports.

The Polaris Water Co. has been contracted to ship 1.4-million 1.5-litre bottles of water in a one-month period, a challenge the company is prepared to accept. “It’s double shifts,” Polaris spokesperson Chris Dagenais told the CBC. “It’s all hands on deck and everything we can to source all the material, get all the freight forwarding arranged and get that product in the hands of people who need it.”

While measures to mitigate the nuclear threat are ongoing, Japanese authorities have reported higher than normal levels of radioactive particles in Tokyo drinking water, which is dangerous for infants.  

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