Western Brewing Announces Its Original 16


SASKATOON — The Great Western Brewing Company is raising a pint to its heritage with the upcoming release of premium Original 16 beer.

Named for the Saskatoon company’s 16 founders, the new brew pays homage to the group of employees who saved the brewery that their former owner almost shut down more than 20 years ago. “In 1990, we were striving to keep a great Western Canadian brewing tradition alive. All 16 of us embarked on a single-minded journey to make the highest quality beer available, right here in Western Canada,” said Don Ebelher, one of the company’s original founders and current director of Operations. “Original 16 Canadian Pale Ale celebrates that legacy and honours the spirit of the company’s founding.”

Comprised of 100-per-cent two-row prairie barley, the Original 16 is produced using a double aging process that matures the beer for seven days before it is chilled to -1.5°C and held for a minimum 24-day cold-aging period. The process ends with the bevy undergoing final filtration at the cold-aging temperature to ensure maximum clarity.

The Canadian Pale Ale, which has a citrus hop flavour and fruity aroma, will be available in liquor stores and at select retailers and restaurants in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia in time for the brewing company’s anniversary, March. 20.

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