Pizza Nova Grows ‘Raised Without Antibiotics’ Portfolio by Introducing Bacon


TORONTO — Pizza Nova is now the first Canadian pizza company to offer bacon and pepperoni made from pork raised without antibiotics (RWA).

The pizza chain has also committed to serving 100 per cent RWA chicken wings, grilled chicken and ham by the end of 2016.

“There is a definite shift occurring in the food industry,” says Pizza Nova president Domenic Primucci. “Consumers are paying closer attention to what processes and ingredients go into their food and people expect better, as they should.”

Product quality is at the forefront of Pizza Nova’s business and Primucci says his company stands behind the fact that using high-quality ingredients will enable customers to ‘Taste The Difference.’ “Quality is in our DNA and in an industry where standards are always increasing, we continually look for ways to improve. Introducing RWA proteins is one of the ways we’re doing that,” he says.

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