2016 World Wide Gaming Compensation Study


years ago, the surveys were restricted to solely Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Now, decades later, almost every state in the USA, all provinces in Canada and over 30 different countries offer some form of legalized gaming experience. This takes into consideration Macau, Malaysia, Singapore, the Bahamas, Philippines, Saipan, Korea, Netherlands, Antilles, UK, Switzerland, Vietnam etc. all of whom also offer a similar gaming experience. There are over 216 gaming jurisdictions globally.

With the growth of casinos, the need for experienced management talent has become extremely spirited and for certain difficult postings, cut throat. In turn, upward pressure on executive compensation continues to exist as most of the major casino organizations whom are publicly listed generally offer their key employees stock or stock options.

In our 2015 study, we examine the total cash compensation for senior executives, as well as other forms of compensation, such as stock or stock options.

We have formulated our surveys using data from almost 100 Gaming Corporations. Our sources include self reports, public documents, personal resources, direct requirements from the searches we received, and our salary survey data, which we solicited

Click here to download the study.

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