B.C. Restaurant Industry Launches Online Petition Against HST


TORONTO — An online petition dubbed the “No Meal Tax” campaign has been launched by the CRFA and the BCRFA, in opposition to the proposed Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in British Columbia.

The new tax will result in a seven per cent surcharge on restaurant meals, which are currently exempt from provincial sales tax. When consumers visit nomealtax.ca, they can read facts and figures about the potential negative impact of the new tax on dining prices, potential job losses and sign a petition addressed to both provincial and federal governments.

Financial analysis shows that the new tax may lead to a 7.5-per-cent drop in overall restaurant sales, a $750-million loss in the province.

“A new seven per cent meal tax will take a big bite out of customers’ wallets, employees’ wages and threatens our members’ livelihoods,” said Mark von Schellwitz, CRFA’s vice-president of Western Canada. “We’re calling on consumers and industry staff to let their MPs and MLAs know they are against this unfair tax.”

To order a No Meal Tax Kit, contact Mark von Schellwitz at 604-685-9655 ext. 1, or email him at mark@crfa.ca.


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