Boston Pizza Adjusts Royalty Pool for 2021


VANCOUVER — Boston Pizza Royalties Income Fund (the Fund) and Boston Pizza International Inc. (BPI) have adjusted the Fund’s royalty pool to include the two new Boston Pizza restaurants opened in Canada last year.

Additionally, 11 Boston Pizza restaurants that were permanently closed during the period have been removed from the royalty pool and one seasonal Boston Pizza restaurant that was believed to have permanently closed in 2019 and was removed from the royalty pool in January 2020 re-opened during the period. The Fund and BPI have agreed to make adjustments to place the parties in the position they would have been had that seasonal Boston Pizza restaurant not been removed from the royalty pool.

With the adjustment for these openings and closures during 2020, the royalty pool now includes 387 Boston Pizza restaurants. All announced changes are effective Jan. 1, 2021.

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