Britain Gets Some Chocolate Love


LONDON — Chocolate lovers in the U.K. may soon have better access to certain Hershey’s chocolates.

According to, the famous U.S. corporation, which produces Hershey’s Hugs and Kisses as well as Reece’s Pieces, recently signed an international distribution deal with Walmart. Now, Asda, the European arm of the department store, will be able to sell its chocolate in Europe next year.

Word is the deal has been made in a bid to gain some footing in a market dominated by Mars and Kraft, and the outlook is positive. “We believe people will buy [Hershey’s Kisses] without a lot of marketing support, if we demo them and let people taste them,” Doug McMillan, who is in charge of Walmart’s international business, told the UK’s Financial Times.

The Times reports Hershey will ensure all U.K. products are free of any of the genetically modified ingredients that are said to be used in its U.S. products.


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