Canadian Beverage Association Launches Balance Calories Initiative


TORONTO — Canada’s beverage manufacturers and the Canadian Beverage Association (CBA) have launched the Balance Calories initiative, aimed at reducing the number of calories Canadians consume from non-alcoholic beverages by 20 per cent over the next decade. This commitment includes all non-alcoholic refreshment beverages — excluding milk and other dairy products, hot coffees and teas.

The initiative is designed to increase consumer awareness of calorie balance through a national, multi-year engagement and advocacy program and increase interest in and access to reduced-calorie beverage options.

The Canadian beverage industry has a successful track record of leading voluntary initiatives such as restricting marketing to children, eliminating full-calorie soft drinks from schools and implementing front-of-pack calorie labelling. Through product and packaging innovations, the industry in Canada has already facilitated a 20-per-cent reduction per capita in beverage calories since 2004.

“We are committed to providing consumers with more low- and no-calorie choices, smaller portions and fewer calories. Balance Calories highlights the commitment of Canada’s non-alcoholic beverage industry to support balanced, healthy lifestyles for all Canadians,” said Jim Goetz, president, Canadian Beverage Association. “We will leverage our strengths in marketing and innovation and our vast distribution networks to work toward our goal.”

The Conference Board of Canada, an independent, evidence-based, action-oriented research organization with a non-partisan, balanced perspective, has partnered with the Canadian Beverage Association and its members to benchmark and verify progress of this program.

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