Canadian Launch of Gatorade G-Series Announced


TORONTO — PepsiCo Canada, licensee of Gatorade in Canada, is preparing to launch its new G Series — which provides fuel, fluid and nutrients before, during and after activity — in Canada next spring.

The new line of products was designed using the latest in sport nutrition research. “With the G Series platform, Gatorade brand has gone beyond hydration to provide sports nutrition solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the different needs of a broad range of athletes,” says Dale Hooper, vice-president of Marketing, PepsiCo Beverages Canada. “The G Series platform highlights the Gatorade brand’s long-time commitment to science and is a major step on our journey from a sports drink company to a sports performance innovator.”

Yesterday, Aug. 12, athletic trainers, educators, professional athletes and nutritionists gathered in Toronto for the G Series Symposium previewing the new line. Canadian athletes Georges St-Pierre, a MMA champion, and Ray Zahab, an ultra-marathoner, were also on hand to be put to the test in the G Series Performance Lab.

So, far the response to the new products, a selection of which has already launched in the U.S., has been favourable. “Innovation has helped make mixed martial arts what it is today,” said St-Pierre. “I’sm excited for the launch of the G Series portfolio here in Canada, because I think Gatorade will see the same kind of success based on their willingness to take risks and innovate in their own industry.”

Photo courtesy of Gatorade Canada.


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