CIAT U.K. Rolls Out its New Automated Air-Purification System for Hospitality Venues


LEATHERHEAD, U.K. — CIAT U.K., part of Carrier Global Corporation, is rolling out its automated indoor air quality (IAQ) system, Epure Dynamics, for use in hospitality venues.

Epure Dynamics IAQ system uses a network of calibrated air sensors located around a building to continuously measure the concentration of airborne particulates. If the concentration exceeds a pre-set level, the system actives purification mode, switching on a high-efficiency filtration system.

“Following the reduction of restrictions, the focus on improving IAQ and supporting healthy buildings is more important than ever,” says Matt Maleki, IAQ specialist at Carrier Global Corporation and CIAT U.K. “It’s a particular issue in hotels and the hospitality industry due to the density and number of people involved. Epure Dynamics addresses this and offers a solution that delivers a higher-quality indoor environment and helps support healthy buildings.”

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