Coca-Cola Continues Green Theme in Olympic Build-Up


TORONTO — As the nation waits in breathless anticipation for the Olympics to return to home turf in February, Coca-Cola Canada has begun to highlight well-known environmentalists as torchbearers for the flame relay preceding the games that, quite appropriately, will be held in the green-friendly city of Vancouver.

The Olympic partners nominated Gerry Butts, WWF-Canada; Julie Sommerfreund, Pollution Probe; and Deirdre Laframboise, Clean Air Champions for their commitment to environmental sustainability. “For Coca-Cola, the Olympic Torch Relay is about inspiring Canadians to make a personal commitment to live more active or environmentally sustainable lives,” said David Moran, director of Public Affairs and Communications at Coca-Cola Canada. “These individuals are leaders who are making a tangible difference in tackling some of the most daunting conservation challenges facing our country.”

But the puck doesn’t stop there. Coca-Cola has also honoured everyday citizens for their work in reducing the carbon footprint. Representatives of the Mississauga Braves Hockey Association carried the torch under the recommendation of WWF-Canada. This comes after news that the Braves promote environmentally friendly practices — among executives, coaches and players — like car pooling, washing uniforms in cold water and hanging them to dry as well as donating outgrown equipment.

For Coca-Cola’s complete Olympic commitment, environmental and otherwise, click here.


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