Dinner Time Stories Making its Canadian Debut in Toronto


TORONTO — The first Canadian pop-up location of Dinner Time Stories, presented by HEXO, runs Sep. 29 through Nov. 25 in downtown Toronto at Katana (333 Bay St.).

Elevated by cutting-edge 3D technology, the immersive dining experience takes guests on an adventure with Le Petit Chef, making his way along the historic route of Marco Polo on the Silk Road. Combined with a refined six-course menu of international cuisine, the production delivers an unforgettable journey around the world in two hours.

Brought to life in Toronto by The Substance Group and Go West Creative, the show sets the tone for the evening with music, table patterns, props and decorations — all changing with the chapters of the story. Once guests take their seats, they are introduced to the hero of the story, Le Petit Chef, who comes to life on their plates. Through 3D digital mapping, Le Petit Chef embarks on his travels in a projection timed to be perfectly in sync with each course.

“When I was first introduced to the Dinner-Time-Stories concept, I was completely blown away by the extraordinary technology, unmatched service and absolutely delicious food that draws you into the world of Le Petit Chef,” says Neil Forester, owner of The Substance Group. “There’s a huge appetite for something like this in Toronto and I am thrilled to lead the team that is bringing Dinner Time Stories to the city.”

The show’s six-course menu is created behind-the-scenes by 10tation catering and chef Bashir Munye. Le Petit Chef begins his culinary exploits with an amuse bouche of ratatouille, a French classic from his hometown of Marseille. As he continues on his travels, he makes his way through the desert and into the hills of the Himalayan Mountains, savouring cuisine from North Africa and India before ending with a selection of dishes from China. For the final course, Le Petit Chef creates his favourite dessert from Marseille, infused with elements and ingredients he has collected from his adventures across the world.

The show runs Friday to Sunday from Sep. 29 to Nov. 25, 2018, with two seatings nightly.

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