Electrolux Professional Unveils SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers


LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Electrolux Professional has launched its SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers, which provides operators with a streamlined, all-in-one food preparation process. The new Cook & Chill system will revolutionize the kitchen operations by making them easier, effortless and more profitable.

Based on a breakthrough combination of smart technology and human-centred design, as well as on the company’s 40 years of strong experience, the Electrolux SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers are born to set a new bar in the Cook & Chill concept and, ultimately, in the overall professional-kitchen business.

Efficiency, unmatched usability and uncompromising, truly replicable performance are the key benefits of the range, resulting in high food quality, reduced running costs and a comfortable working environment, thanks to four-star-certified ergonomics (contributing to potential 75-per-cent reduction in sick leave and 25-per-cent increase in productivity for your business). 

The SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers are perfectly synchronized and communicate with each other thanks to the unique SkyDuo. This smart technology makes the work life in the kitchen even leaner, preventing the possibilities of error and ensuring a concretely seamless Cook & Chill experience. 

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