RATIONAL Canada Partners with Transparent Kitchen in Last Service Campaign


TORONTO — RATIONAL Canada, the market leader in multifunctional foodservice technology, is a sponsor for Transparent Kitchen’s Last Service Campaign. The campaign brings together 100 chefs from 10 regions across the country to address the challenges facing the industry for the past two years.

Specifically, RATIONAL Canada is helping create the Chef Talks Series, which aims to discuss restaurant economics and sourcing, the future of fine dining and a recipe for burnout.

“We understand that the day-to-day life of a chef can be very challenging. That’s why we were so excited to partner with Transparent Kitchen and The Last Service to help these chefs tell their stories,” says Danielle Forget, senior Marketing manager of RATIONAL Canada. “Many of us go out to enjoy our favourite restaurants – we taste the food and experience the hospitality, but rarely do we get a glimpse at the underbelly of the industry. We feel that this campaign will be eye-opening for many.”

“The Last Service is a piece of art. As a piece of art we hope to create a dialogue between the subjects, their history, and of course the greater community, whether you work in a restaurant or just simply enjoy dining. I think what became evidently clear during the pandemic is just how much we take for granted regarding our local restaurants,” says Frazer Nagy, owner of Tablz & Transparent Kitchen. “Most importantly, I hope that Canadians in particular start understanding the true value of their food and dining experiences.”

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