Facebook Traded In For Face Time at Snakes & Lattes


TORONTO — There’s a new game in town, and it’s causing quite a stir among café-loving socialites aiming to interact more in person than via a wireless connection.

Snakes & Lattes just opened in Toronto at Bloor Street and Palmerston Avenue this week, serving coffee and more than 1,500 board games. Rather than tout wireless connectivity the Parisian owners, Ben Castanie and Aurelia Peynet, charge guests $5 for unlimited use of their games, which have been collected from vintage shops and yard sales.

“Our mission is to mix gamers and non-gamers and get them to socialize and meet new people under one roof,” Castanie tells Toronto Life. “There’s a social aspect. It’s not like Facebook, where you connect with people by staring at a computer screen. Here you have to look at people in the eye and talk to them.”

The idea of adding Wi-Fi isn’t completely out of the picture, but for now the duo is capitalizing on coffee, specialty treats, games and, eventually, alcohol.


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